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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am heading to Nevada

First off, thank you in advance to those who will read and follow my blogs through out the summer. This is going to be a great undertaking this year and all of the support and interest will be much appreciated by anyone and everyone involved.

To bring this blog up to date so to speak, I, with the help of some very special people have created a program for the reinvigeration of the adoption of wild horses from the BLM(Bureau of Land Management) focusing on the horses of critical age and sex(mares of ages 5 years and older)from the facilties in Sparks, Nevada i.e.,PALAMINO VALLEY CORRALS. We want to create a new business model for the successful training and adoption of those horses branded as permaent residents of the goverment. We are focusing on enlightened philanthropy and showing that we can create an economy and an industry for this particular group of wild horses that can also be applied in the future to any group of wild horses. Although this program is still very much in its infancy, the first year culminated in the successful transition from holding pens to homes across the United States. We learned a great deal from the first years horses(4 geldings ranging from 4 years to 7 years of age and 4 fillies from ages 2 to 5)as well as the publics interest and the evolving needs of the horses still in holding. Our program is ever changing in order to help the horses but also to set ourselves apart from the ever growing themes of contest and makeovers and such. Not to say we do not understand the neccessity of these programs and not to leave out the fact that we do work with Patti Colbert and Kali Sublett of the much appreciated MUSTANG HERITAGE FOUNDATION. Moving on...
This summer we will be working with a hand selected group of 15 mares ranging in ages of 5 years to 7 years of age. I will be heading to Nevada the first week of April to make my selections. The BLM facility has been very helpful and appreciative of our ideas and will give us all of the time we need to make a grand selcetion of horses. I will be focusing strictly on conformation as the crucial importance for training and all around success of these horses. Color will be a bonus for some of the selected mares. The horses will arrive to the 88 ranch in Baggs, Wyoming the last week of April.
My brother, Tommy Gesell will spend his entire summer at the ranch helping with the training. We will be blogging daily on the progression of the horses as well as focusing on the acceptance of training, discipline, and all around work ethic of each individual horse. This will be a great undertaking which many say cannot be done, and I want to remind those who read and discuss our bogs, that we wish to remain out of the polotics of the wild horses and focus on the solutions and futures we are trying to create for those horses in holding who have been branded as permanant collections.

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